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The Dalton Gang @ Trumpets for the 35th Anniversary party. Photo by George Wirt. Left to right: Dan Nigro, Frank Elmo, Mike

DiLorenzo, John Hughes, Frank Valdés, Alessio Marc Cupo, Mark Friedman, Erick Storckman, Willy Dalton, Vinnie Cutro.


The Dalton Gang @ NJ Botanical Garden, 7/25/14:

Thanks for your support--The Dalton Gang has been performing with over 100 original charts for 35 years as of this past November!!! Also special thanks to all of the great musicians who have played with us all these years!

Willy Dalton performs solo guitar at The Sushi Lounge in Morristown NJ on Tuesday, March 24 & 31.

The Dalton Gang returns to Trumpets in Montclair NJ on Thursday, April 16. For more info click here.

On Monday, April 20, The Real Deal Big Band performs at Bottagra in Hawthorne NJ as a fundraiser for CASA. For more info click here.

The Dalton Gang returns to the beautiful NJ Botanical Garden in Ringwood on Friday, July 24, 2015--a free concert from 6:30-7:30.

The Dalton Gang performs @ Maxfield's on Main in Boonton NJ on Friday July 31 and September 4.

WBGO'S "Taking A Walk For Art" Journal includes a brief interview with Willy Dalton around 4:47.

The 18-piece Real Deal Big Band CD has arrived!!! For more info click here.

Second Step Music has just released "Jingle Bells Bachata"--available on iTunes and CDBaby for .99--enjoy--listen on SoundCloud


Download "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" as performed by The Dalton Gang live at Trumpets on October 27 from iTunes.

all proceeds go to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation


"Riverwalk", music for string quartet and acoustic guitar, is now available from CD Baby. The disc includes 4 original pieces for solo nylon string guitar. Please click the "order cd's" button for more info.

Alan Fark at Minor7th.com wrote: "Riverwalk includes five short, but ingenious, tracks which remind us that fingerstyle and classical idioms are branches from the same heritage, and which commingle very naturally."

All of our cds are available from CD Baby

THE DALTON GANG: Last Year's Waltz
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"Last Year's Waltz", "Rhythms", "Miami Shadows", and "Just For Tonight", are also available for downloading of individual tracks for .99 each and/or complete albums for $9.99 from the Apple iTunes Store-- just click here

The cd's can also be purchased online as albums or single mp3 downloads from PayPlay.fm and as albums from Amazon.

The cd can also be purchased directly from Second Step Music. Click here for more info.





click here for a large pdf of the band pic or here for a jpeg

The Dalton Gang is a ten piece band led by guitarist, arranger and composer Willy Dalton. The band mixes jazz with a blend of funk and latin music. 

The members are freelance musicians around the New York area. Among their credits are recordings and performances with such artists as Buddy Rich, Machito, Lionel Hampton, Tito Puente, Daniel Ponce, Cissy Houston, and others. 

The Dalton Gang is a real "group", not a band of musicians brought together for a special project. They performed for the first time in 1979 .

The band members are: Vinnie Cutro-- trumpet, Mark Friedman--alto sax and flute, Frank Elmo--tenor sax and flute, Dan Nigro-- baritone sax, Conrad Zulauf-- trombone, Frank Valdes--percussion, Mike DiLorenzo--piano, John Hughes--bass, Vince Cherico--drums, and Willy Dalton--guitar. 

"The Dalton Gang is really a labor of love," says bandleader Willy Dalton. "The dedication and commitment of the musicians is what keeps the band alive. When I write for the band, I try to draw on the mix of sounds that we play as working musicians in the New York area--jazz, funk, latin, big band, etc. Putting this all in one package and making the music challenging to play is what I'm aiming for." 

The Dalton Gang has released four CD's on Second Step Music. Rhythms was released in 1993, Miami Shadows in 1995, Just For Tonight in 2002, and Last Year's Waltz in 2006.


click here for "Night Visitor"--a free mp3 download