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  • Friday,October 13, The Dalton Gang performs @ Maxfield's On Main in Boonton NJ. For more info click here.
  • Wednesday, November 22, The Dalton Gang performs @ Trumpets in Montclair NJ--our 38 anniversary. For more info click here.
  • If you'd like to be notified of upcoming gigs, please email us.

For info on Willy Dalton's schedule click here.


From Local 802's September 2011 Allegro:


The Real Deal Big Band live @ the Passaic County CASA fundraiser @ Bottagra on 6/1/2015

Live @ Maxfield's On Main, Boonton NJ, 9/5/2014. Photo by Alan Goldberg, Minds Eye Photos


Victor Victori's portrait of the band at Trumpets, November 23.


Click on the image below for YouTube videos of Dalton Gang performances . For details on the videos click here. Here's a link to the YouTube Dalton Gang playlist.

"Guitar In The Kitchen" YouTube playlist


The Real Deal Big Band's YouTube playlist


The Audiolife store below includes downloadable mp3s of live performances by The Dalton Gang and the Real Deal Big Band as well as original music by Willy Dalton--click "Enter Store" and then "downloads" (yes we have a few ringtones as well).


My Paterson NJ YouTube playlist: