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"Riverwalk", music for string quartet and acoustic guitar, composed by Willy Dalton, is now available on CD Baby. The CD includes 4 original compositions for solo nylon string guitar. Scores and parts for the music can be ordered here.

Willy Dalton: Riverwalk

The new Dalton Gang cd, "Last Year's Waltz" is now available from CD Baby--just click here. Meanwhile you can order any of the Dalton Gang cd's online by sending email with your request and paying via PayPal for $15 per cd (includes shipping) by clicking on the PayPal image below:

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You can also order cd's by snail mail. Fill in the form below while you're online, print it, and mail it along with a check made out to Second Step Music to the following address:Second Step Music/ Suite 303/ 24 Mill Street/ Paterson NJ 07501

All three previous Dalton Gang CD's are now available for online purchase from CD Baby. Go to http://www.cdbaby.com and search for The Dalton Gang. "Just For Tonight" is also available from iTunes--just click here.

All audio CD's are $12 each plus $3 shipping/handling--$15 for each. You can also order either of the Dalton Gang CD's--Rhythms or Miami Shadows for $12 plus $3 shipping--$15 for each..


Prices include shipping!!

While you're shopping check out the great cd's from Mike DiLorenzo (I'm on it!!!), Vinnie Cutro, and Karl Latham.

Rhythms@$15 Dalton Gang
Miami Shadows@$15 Dalton Gang
Just For Tonight @ $15 Dalton Gang
Last Year's Waltz @ $15 Dalton Gang
Blue Christmas @ $15 Guy Ventura
Riverwalk @ $15 Willy Dalton

The Audiolife store below includes downloadable mp3s of live performances by The Dalton Gang and the Real Deal Big Band as well as original music by Willy Dalton (yes we have a few ringtones as well).

  1. Bayou Tears--slide guitar "Southern Rock" style
  2. Fran--jazz duet with myself
  3. Cinzia--my original tune and arrangement performed by The Real Deal Big Band featuring solos by Freddie Hendrix, trumpet; and Frank Elmo, tenor sax
  4. Run Along Now--slide guitar duet with myself
  5. Zolea--original thematic music
  6. Some Other Day--original thematic music
  7. End Of A Love Affair--my arrangement performed by the Real Deal Big Band featuring solos by Vince Cherico, drums; Willy Dalton, guitar; Mike DiLorenzo, organ
  8. The Glory Of Love--my arrangement performed by The Real Deal Big Band featuring solos by Mike DiLorenzo, piano; Vinnie Borselli, trumpet
  9. Tenderly--my arrangement performed by The Real Deal Big Band featuring Andres Boiarsky on tenor sax
  10. Shiny Stockings performed by The Real Deal Big Band
  11. Giant Steps #6, my arrangement performed by The Real Deal Big Band, solos by Frank Elmo, tenor sax; Rob Hanke, trumpet; Mark Friedman, alto sax; Karl Latham, drums.
  12. Banacek Theme by The Real Deal Big Band featuring solos by Frank Elmo, flute; Willy Dalton, guitar; Mark Friedman, alto sax, arrangement by Willy Dalton